10 Aug 2018


World’s First Virtual-Reality Paragliding Experience at Brighton

10 Aug 2018

World’s First Virtual-Reality Paragliding Experience at Brighton Palace Pier

• First paragliding VR ride in UK & first installation of PARADROPVR™ in UK
• Unique ride combines suspended paragliding harness and controls with VR headset to mimic high-speed paragliding over mountain scenery
• Immediately available for rides, filming and press coverage – please reply!!
Visitors to Brighton’s Palace Pier are among the first in the world to try a unique Virtual Reality ride that lets riders paraglide over jaw-dropping scenery at high speed. 

Developed by Frontgrid Ltd and operated by Immersivity Ltd in partnership with Brighton Palace Pier, ParadropVR™ combines cutting-edge VR technology with a suspended paragliding harness that moves up and down, giving riders a three-minute taste of a sport that’s usually only available to a few, highly trained adrenalin junkies.

With jets blowing air into their faces to add to the sense of speed, riders steer their paraglider through steep mountain valleys, rendered in realistic high definition graphics. As they do so, the ParadropVR™ harness they are strapped into rises and falls to mimic the soaring, steep ascents and sudden drops of real paragliding.

Immersivity Chief Executive Officer, Martin Howe, said: “This ride is the real deal. In just a few days we’ve seen just how much people love it. Some are screaming once they’ve got the headset on and are lifted into the air. Others are just left breathless and exhilarated by the experience.

“While this is our first installation – it is already proving that ParadropVR has the potential to be a real hit wherever it goes. And we’re already looking for other sites.”

As well as shrieking at the jaw-dropping scenery flying past, ParadropVR™ riders can test their skills against others, scoring points every time they successfully fly through a target. High scores will go on to a global scoreboard – and available through an app.

A spokesperson for Brighton Palace Pier, which is operating the ride in partnership with Immersivity, said: “We’re tremendously excited by the chance to offer our visitors this spectacular experience. It not only complements the thrilling rides we’ve got here, but also adds something really different. We know that in time ParadropVR™ flights will be customisable, so we can’t wait for visitors to be able to fly over Brighton and Brighton Palace Pier.”

Frontgrid CEO Matt Wells said: “Hot on the heels of the launch of our world-first ParadropVR™ in Denmark last month, we’re delighted our first UK site is now live at Brighton Palace Pier. We always knew ParadropVR™ would be a hit with thrill-seekers and operators in the UK, but it’s fantastic to see the reaction from visitors at the pier. With more launches in the UK and worldwide imminent, we’re looking forward to helping the whole world fly with ParadropVR™.”

For a full version of this release and for please contact Immersivity.

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