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Reimagining the ride

Virtual Reality, augmented Reality, among a growing list of innovations, are about to take the attractions industry in directions it couldn’t have imagined before.

At Immersivity, we specialise in making these new opportunities into real attractions. We sell, operate and support the development of this new generation of rides.

Product One

ParadropVR – the world’s first Virtual Reality paragliding experience

ParadropVR, developed by Frontgrid, combines the immersive experience of a VR headset, delivering the highest detail graphics, with the harness and controls of a real paraglider. The combination will take your breath away.

You can soar above mountains, swoop through valleys – all while collecting points and testing yourself against other riders.

The UK’s first ParadropVR is at Brighton Palace Pier, installed and operated by Immersivity in partnership with the Pier.

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