14 Aug 2018

Riders react to ‘amazing’ ParadropVR ride at Brighton Palace Pier

Riders of the UK’s first Virtual Reality

14 Aug 2018

Riders of the UK’s first Virtual Reality paragliding experience in Brighton are giving the ride 10/10 and calling it ‘fabulous’ and ‘awesome’.

We invited visitors to Brighton Palace Pier to try out the new virtual reality attraction – which boasts the latest technology, combined with a flying harness to create supremely realistic flying experience.

Riders wear a VR headset, and sit in a suspended seat that moves up and down as they control the ParadropVR flight. Jets blow air into riders faces, helping to add to the sensation of flying at speed and altitude from a paraglider’s parachute.

Rider reactions:

“Once I got in, I got strapped in, I had some nice cool air blowing in my face and then suddenly I was transported up to a nice breezy mountain and was really chilled and relaxed.”

[It was] pretty terrifying, but absolutely fabulous.”

“That was mental. That was so good.”

“You get to fly over the terrain. Get really low. Got the wind in your face. Really felt like you had genuine control and motion over it.”

“Your arms are going up and down, your legs look like they are where they are. It’s awesome, man. Really awesome.”

To find out more about ParadropVR you can speak to Immersivity

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